Light show up!!!

Well, after what seemed like a million hours of work, my roommates Brian, Derek, and I got all the lights up and wired.  Here’s the first show, from Friday night:

Simpson’s THX Intro:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Wizards in Winter:

Blue Man Group – TV Song:

I have two more songs, Carol of the Bells, and Siberian Sleigh Ride, but Youtube refuses to let me upload them, because of copyrights on the audio.  So I’m going to post them to another site.

Also, Derek and I spent a few hours on the sequences Saturday morning, and made them look a lot better.  I have yet to take video of the updated sequences, but will upload them as soon as I do!  Thanks for checking out my show!

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  1. Dear John… You know what I do for fun on my free time… Drink Beer. You on the other hand,d make magic. Awesome my friend… Awesome.

    -Stevie G.

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