Unexpected Sudden Ending!

Friends, Unfortunately the light show has come to a very abrupt end. We had originally planned on taking down the lights at the end of next week, right before we leave for break, as is required by the housing guidelines. UD Residential Properties however, hasn’t enjoyed our Christmas Light display as much as you all and the rest of the University have.

Effective immediately the Christmas light show is no longer running.

It was in the guidelines that there were to be no lights above the porch line, because apparently 22 and23 year-old men who work in factories and on construction sites aren’t capable of safely getting on the roof to hang Christmas lights.  We saw this after the entire show had been planned, and lights put up.  Residential Properties then gave us an ultimatum by e-mail on Friday at 5pm (after office hours.)   It stated that if we did not have the lights down by this Monday (Dec 13), that we would be fined and they would remove the lights.  And of course, this left no chance for communication before the snowstorm set in this weekend.  True Christmas spirit.  So with all of the upper lights down, we can no longer run the show without it looking terrible.

Any questions, comments or complaints shall be directed to Brian Rudduck, Safety Coordinator:

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  1. Another grinch-like move by the administration. Yet another reason to add to my list of reasons to stop making donations to the University of Dayton.

  2. so it is NOT safe to get up on the roof to put the lights ON but it IS safe to get on the roof to take them OFF? hmmm….. this totally makes sense. not to mention finals are next week so i am sure you were able to get TONS of studying done in between taking down lights

  3. We are seriously disappointed in the decision by the University of Dayton to force the light show to be shut down. The past two years we have looked forward to driving two hours to see the show because we felt it was such a positive thing college students do to show their Christmas spirit!

    Obviously, the pressure of the mean spirited student across the street and a few people who have no heart decided to swing the mighty axe on this project.

    I hope you are happy with the decision you made in the name of safety. Most of us who supported and appreciated this light show for the past two years know there are other “agendas” going on.

    Merry Christmas to all of the “Scrooges” of UD!

  4. You have got to be kidding me! I have heard of a lot of stupid things in this world but “safety”? Since when did UD worry about safety? I have seen 30 students standing on a porch with 15 of them dancing on the railing at 2:00 A.M. clearly intoxicated and underage and you people are concerned with “safety”? I think you need to get your priorities in line and worry about real issues at hand….

    I am sending this whole situation to Al Roker and see if I can get him to rally behind these students who have Christmas spirit and imagination clearly beyond the administration of UD!

  5. Ah…….Brings back memories of attending UD in the 60’s. Skulking around Cherrycrest for dates, fighting on Brown St, sledding on an ironing board down Stuart Hill. What ever happened to the death, drunkeness, destruction, and FUN! Sounds like alive and well!

  6. And yet, if you google “University of Dayton light show”, it pulls up UD Magazine’s Twitter link from three days ago to a YouTube video posted by UD (also from three days ago), that is a whole interview with how this was done. Seems to me that the University Public Relations Office (who appear to really LIKE your work and the attention it brings to the school) might want to have a conversation with the University Residential Properties Office (who only just now “happened” to notice lights on the roof?). Because, nothing else EVER gets hung on Ghetto houses {coughcough*sheets*banners*coughcough}
    Good work to you, though! Sorry to have your efforts be spoiled like this ….. I’m sure it would have looked extra-pretty in the snow!

  7. I love the irony. I love the University of Dayton and all that it stands for, but some things they do (or try to do) just make me sick. A little bit of interdepartmental awareness and communication can go a long way. Maybe Mr. Rudduck should have poked his nose around before he condemned the students display of ingenuity, creativity, and holiday spirit. The public relations arm of the university seems more than excited to spread the video of Jonathan’s work as well as the interview they conducted with the members of the house.

    Congratulations Jonathan! You have created a fabulous display of what it means to be a UD student, and you should be celebrated for your achievements.

  8. Clearly this is very unfortunate, not only for you & all your very, very hard work, but for all of us who drove for hours to come see this! I only hope that THE University is aware of what’s happened. You & anyone who helped you with this, need to be commended!!

  9. I know Brian Rudduck for a long time. He has always had issues in his life that has kept him from being a productive human being. Unfortunately I am positive he was not the one whom made the final decision. He is in no position to make that decision. He is a puppet of sorts for UD. We have to put a face to the Grinch that stole Christmas. Thanks UD.

    Maybe the safety and security departments should clean off the damn icey walkways and stop worring about the Christmas lights

  10. How very dissapointing with holiday plans already made around the schuled times for an event clearly supported until recently by the University. I too have left a call for Mr. Rudduck. I doubt that he really has much to say about anything, but he will certainly be hearing from many and will atleast we hope have the pull to get the message out that in the future, hard work and effort made, encouraged and supported by the University should in no way be thwarted or ended in this way by someone who clearly put no thought or effort into solving the issue as they should have.

  11. So you have two options, lower the lights to a point below the porch line or raise the porch line above the lights. Since your in construction, just explain to them that method B was easier. I’m sure they will be understanding.

  12. We have friends visiting from Haiti and I was checking the website for the times when we can come by and now, everything I got them excited about is gone just gone!


  13. So sad 🙁 but I am thankful that it is on the internet! 🙂 I would not have gotten to see them otherwise. I shared them on Facebook. I just do not understand.
    Thank you for your hard work. I really enjoyed this and will watch it over and over for a long time. Thanks again.

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