I’m Jonathon Reinhart, and I’m a 22 year-old 5th year senior at the University of Dayton, in Dayton, Ohio.  I’m a double Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering student, graduating in May 2011.  I’ve been very interested electronics and music since I was a little boy, and the musical Christmas light display is a way for me to highlight my passion for both at the same time, while bringing a little Christmas-time cheer to people from all around.

My roommates and I have dreamed about doing this since we watched Youtube videos in the dorms back in 2006.  In 2009 we did our first show at some friends’ house at 202 Lawnview, and are currently having a great time with our 2010 show on our own house at 426 Kiefaber, in the heart of the UD Ghetto.

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  1. So Im hooked now and need to know where I can but the kits to make the renard dimmer. Can you please advise??? Thanks

  2. There are a lot of variations, as the Renard dimmer is really only a platform and protocol. There are 8, 16, 24, and 64 channel variations, with onboard Triacs, or external Triacs. The boards typically go in co-op runs, where a high-quantity fab will be done, so you’ve got to wait until one comes around. There’s a category on the forum just for this. Same with parts.

    There’s a lot of information available at

    as well as

  3. Dear Jonathon

    Your video of “I gotta feeling” gave me such pleasure on this first day of the new decade – what a brilliant idea – thank you and Happy New Year!

    Carole Hardy
    Epping, UK

  4. trying to get stated but need the tools to do can you please advise what i need your house is great to watch thanks jersey shore

  5. Hi Jonathon,
    I’m a UD grad (1985) who will be traveling to the Dayton area for Christmas. How long into December will you be doing your light show? We’re not arriving until Dec 22, and I’m afraid that will be too late to enjoy your fantastic lights.
    Congrats, it looks awesome!

  6. My son graduated from UD 2007 and lived on the “K” block…THE SHUE!
    He shared your 2009 link, so I came back to check what you created for Christmas 2010 and…WOW!

    It was marvelouse boyz of Kiefaber! TOO BAD THEY SHUT U DOWN…

  7. Jonathon. Outstanding work. Congratulations on the display and Merry Christmas. Please see my note below to Brian Ruddick copying Dr. Curran:

    Dear Brian,

    My sense is that this is not the first email that you have received about the student light show, but I did want to weigh in on the issue.

    The University’s policy of safety for students is paramount. We all want to see the students pass through the UD tradition in a safe manner. However, I believe that there should be some opportunity to find some middle ground where the students can establish displays and traditions that glorify the Lord in a safe manner.

    As one of the premier Catholic universities in the country, and perhaps the world, I suggest that you form a committe comprised of students and appropriate administrative representatives and design the guidlines that would allow the students to express their creativity and praise and be within appropriate guidelines of safety, noise and other appropriate standards.

    It is a fantastic source of pride for me, as an alumnus, to see the work that has been done. Certainly I share those videos with my family and my only regret is that I am not able to see it in person.

    I challenge you, and the University, to find a way to make this an annual tradition that could include elements such as safety, time and noise standards, funding / availability of equipment to ensure safety, a judging contest comprised of students, administration, Marianists and neighbors. Imagine the goodwill that it would generate for the students, alumni, administration, neighbors and perhaps the country. I would love to come down to an event, perhaps centered around Christmas on Campus, and walk throgh the student neighborhood with my family to relive old times and to celebrate and glorify the good Lord that enables all of this.

    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing your reaction.

    Peter Sullivan

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