Unexpected Sudden Ending!

Friends, Unfortunately the light show has come to a very abrupt end. We had originally planned on taking down the lights at the end of next week, right before we leave for break, as is required by the housing guidelines. UD Residential Properties however, hasn’t enjoyed our Christmas Light display as much as you all and the rest of the University have.

Effective immediately the Christmas light show is no longer running.

It was in the guidelines that there were to be no lights above the porch line, because apparently 22 and23 year-old men who work in factories and on construction sites aren’t capable of safely getting on the roof to hang Christmas lights.  We saw this after the entire show had been planned, and lights put up.  Residential Properties then gave us an ultimatum by e-mail on Friday at 5pm (after office hours.)   It stated that if we did not have the lights down by this Monday (Dec 13), that we would be fined and they would remove the lights.  And of course, this left no chance for communication before the snowstorm set in this weekend.  True Christmas spirit.  So with all of the upper lights down, we can no longer run the show without it looking terrible.

Any questions, comments or complaints shall be directed to Brian Rudduck, Safety Coordinator: